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Snake Removal
Wasp/Yellow Jacket Removal
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Opossum Trapping
Bat Removal
Bee Removal
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Hog Trapping
Bird Removal
Rat Control & Rat Proofing
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Honey Comb Removal
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Animal Damage Remediation
Exclusion (Home Repair)
Dead Animal Removal

Animal Cleaning

When animals are removed from your home and property they leave behind more than footprints. Damages that occur need to be treated carefully. Many harmful bacteria are contained in the urine and feces of wildlife. Trapper King is experienced in handling the remediation of animal damage. Our technicians will restore your property to a sanitised state.

Wildlife Control, Rodent Control, Bee Removal

Home Repair

Often wildlife will cause damage when entering attic and crawl spaces of a home. Trapper King Animal Removal specializes in closing entry points that wildlife use. Using only high quality materials to repair your home we are able to ensure long lasting results. Our experienced technicians will complete exclusion early in the trapping process to ensure that further damage does not occur and the completion of your job is quick.

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