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Trapper King Animal Removal technicians are experts at evaluating all coyote problems. Trapper King know the problems that coyotes can cause to your neighborhood. They are apex predators and will easily take cats and dogs as their food source. The coyote is non-native to Florida as a result Florida Wildlife Control (FWC) has deemed them to be a non releasable species. Our expert trappers will remove coyotes from your property. Give us a Call.


Humane removal and exclusion is the quickest way to solve wildlife problems. Only high quality material is used to seal entry points guaranteeing long lasting repairs.

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A thorough inspection will identify all the animal species present on property, identify entry points, formulate plan of action and estimate time to completion.

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The saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Trapper King has proven methods and strategies we implement to prevent recurrence of offending animals.

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