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Rodents teeth never stop growing and as a result they must gnaw to keep the teeth filed down. To make sure that they do not chew back into your home we implement guaranteed monthly prevention methods.

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When you call Trapper King you will get a live agent to help you immediately. 24 Hours a Day

We're Just a Phone Call Away

When you call Trapper King you will get a live agent to help you immediately. 24 Hours a Day

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A thorough inspection will normally find entry points on a clients home. We will inspect wires, duct work, and insulation for damage. Our plan is full service and will include removal, closing holes, cleanup, and prevention service.

Most rodent service will begin with trapping. Reducing the population quickly will ensure that more damage does not occur to your home.

Removal & Exclusion

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Inspection & Planning

Trapper King Animal Removal proudly provides rodent control in Ocala. Rat noises in attic? Scratching in the walls? Chewed Wires? Damaged Ductwork? Our technicians trap rats in Ocala attics. We provide rat inspections for Ocala homes and businesses. We repair damage to homes and complete rodent exclusion. We have successful rodent prevention solutions. Our squirrel control, squirrel trapping and squirrel exclusion are guaranteed to solve your rodent problem. The Ocala area is full of rodents that cause millions in damages to homes every year. Our expert technicians will identify entry points, remove rodents, and prevent rodents from returning.  Give us a call to schedule a appointment.Rodent Services: Rat Trapping, Rat Removal, Mouse Removal, Mouse Trapping, Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Trapping, Rat Exclusion, Rat Clean Up, Mouse Exclusion, Mouse Clean up, Squirrel Exclusion ,Squirrel Clean Up, Squirrel Nest Removal, Rat Nest Removal, Rat Dropping Antimicrobial, Squirrel Dropping Antimicrobial, Air Conditioning Ductwork Damage Repair, Insulation Cleanup, and Attic Restorations. ​​

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